Amazon Web Service

AWS offers a complete service offering that can do almost anything. Amazon Web Service provides reference architectures that allow you to develop specific architecture scenarios. Here are some approaches that will help you with large-scale processing, batch processing, disaster recovery, online games and, of course, their e-commerce approach.

It’s safe?

AWS guarantees multi-factor authentication, encryption and various security credentials. You can even implement your security models to your standards. AWS has provided customers with the keys to protect their services. It is a common responsibility.

What technologies are available?

Here are some of the main services and solutions offered by AWS …

Compute EC2: It is an example of a flexible virtual cloud computing machine that can be rented and configured from mobile phones to large cluster systems. Special equipment is intended for use by higher authorities.

Watch Cloud Watch: This service automatically adjusts the environment based on performance monitoring and adds multiple instances as needed. Transport for London uses this service to adapt its work as needed.

Elastic Block Store: provides persistent block-level storage for use with Amazon EC2 instances. Replicated in the availability zones.

Glacier: Backup for long-term archiving. The price is based on the number of requests (measured). It may take 3-5 hours to receive the items.

The AWS public datasets are free data sets hosted on the Hadoop platform. They include datasets such as NASA NEX, the human genome, census data and PubChem.

Kinesis: Kinesis is a managed service that evolves flexibly to handle large data continuously in real time. It is used in conjunction with EC2 instances.

Is there anything else?

In addition to these “virtual” services, AWS can even provide dedicated physical connections, such as 10 gigabit double lines, to its data centers from your office if you need them.

If you work in research, AWS can be useful in terms of grants. Now you can use the prepaid solution, where you can withdraw expenses/loans during the trip.

If you are an active user, AWS also allows you to “bid” for services through their cash market. This is a pricing model designed for batch processing that allows you to temporarily allocate resources at a price below the normal resource allocation cost.