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Onlive Server Europe Dedicated Server is one most reliable and cost-effective dedicated server providers. We offer a wide range of products and services for businesses, large and small, including our high-speed, dedicated servers. Our dedicated servers in Kassel are ideal for hosting business websites and e-commerce stores. Our Europe Dedicated Server is also potent, with speeds up to 1 Gbps available from each location.

You can choose a single location or dual-location option if you wish to host multiple domains on the same server. If you need over one domain name on your website, we can provide you with a cPanel license for up to three parts at no additional charge. It provides its customers with excellent customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via email or live chat support whenever you need it most!

A Brief Introduction to Cloud Data Centre

We Cloud Data Centre offers its customers a wide range of hosting solutions. These include shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and cloud computing services. Their service providers have experience in providing reliable and secure web hosting services that can meet all your business requirements.

Prices & Packages for Dedicated Servers.

It offers a great range of server packages you can choose from depending on your needs.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a term used to describe a computer or virtual machine dedicated to your business. Your data, applications, and operating system(s) are running on their dedicated hardware. This provides you with the utmost reliability and performance for your web hosting needs.

There are many types of dedicated servers available today, including:

Dedicated IP addresses. These are the most common types of dedicated servers, allowing you to assign each website its IP address from the range allocated for each country. This prevents any one site from affecting another site for bandwidth usage or other resources required for the website, such as database access or email services.

Dedicated RAM. Dedicated RAM is another type of dedicated server that provides you with additional memory space for your websites, which can improve performance for loading times and overall response time. It also allows you to install more programs on the same server without affecting other site traffic. The additional programs or processes will not affect them running simultaneously on the same machine.

High Network Uptime

We equip our Dedicated Servers with the latest network equipment and have access to the fastest internet connection available. This ensures that your website will always be available and that you can make use of the full performance potential of your website.

Maximum Security

Your business depends on its data and sensitive information. Our top-rated security experts manage our dedicated servers to ensure that we always protect your data. We use only the most advanced security measures, including firewall protection, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS), for maximum protection against malicious attacks.

Great Accessibility

Sometimes, the most important thing for your company is accessibility. You can get all of that with Europe Dedicated Server. You can connect to your server through our cloud-based Control Panel, allowing you to manage everything from a mobile device or desktop computer. We hosted the system in our state-of-the-art data center in Frankfurt, Germany, so even if there is a problem with the Internet connection at your location, you will still be able to access your server using our Control Panel.

Intensified Security and Privacy

The main reason most businesses prefer to use Europe Dedicated Server is the increased security and privacy of the server. You can your data will be safe from hackers because the server uses the latest technologies to guard against such threats. The server will be in a secure location, and you can be sure that we will protect your data from hacker attacks.

Highly Scalable

A dedicated server is highly scalable, allowing you to expand your server capacity quickly as your business grows. In addition, we equip all of our servers with SSD storage and high-performance Intel Xeon processors, ensuring that all of our servers can handle hefty workloads.

The types of dedicated servers in Europe are:
  • Dedicated servers–these are used for high-traffic websites and applications. They have high availability, fast speed, and low latency.
  • Load balancing–This server is implemented to increase the application’s performance and make it more stable.
  • High-end dedicated hosting–this type of server is used for large websites that require a lot of resources and features. It also provides security, DDoS protection, and other advanced features.
Standard Dedicated Server

With a standard dedicated server, you get a server that is ready to go. You can start using it immediately and get the full benefits of your business. The server is ready to host your website and applications, and you do not need to worry about installing software or configuring anything. All you need to do is connect the system to your internet connection, make sure that we connect it to your network, and start enjoying the benefits of a powerful server.

Benefits of Using an Enterprise Dedicated Server

1) High Performance–Most of the time, when businesses choose a dedicated server, they do not consider the performance aspect. This can be very dangerous because if your website doesn’t perform well, it cannot compete with other companies offering better services and prices.

2) High Security–When you use an enterprise-dedicated server, all your data will be kept in one secure location, making it much harder for hackers to access it without permission from the system’s owner. Hackers can get into your plans through your firewall or by using physical access cards or key fobs that allow them into your network without verification or identification.


Onlive Server is an excellent choice for business, thanks to the multiple features that include free managing & backup, free installation, and setup, free full root access, etc. You don’t need to worry about extra charges during the entire period. We accept payments via PayPal and other secure payment methods. Take advantage of this great opportunity and choose Europe Cheap Dedicated Server as your reliable server supplier! And if you have any troubles with other providers’ servers or have doubts when buying a server from a new supplier, check out Onlive Server Europe today.

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