Windows VPS Server –

Cheap Windows VPS Server based OS is most comfortable hosting for Website ever. Onlive Server provides the best Windows VPS Server hosting at all country. Here the best advantages of VPS Server hosting, through User can lift this benefits easily. Hence, we can suggest you to choose the best Windows VPS Server hosting through the Onlive Server Company.

The best Windows VPS Server hosting has uncountable features and advantages. Users need the best Server hosting by which they can focus on their work only. But there is many Servers hosting Company in the market who provide the many cheap Server hosting Services. Users get attract easily for the cheapest rate but that kind of server hosting has very low-quality. Hence users get many website. We recommend going for the best Server hosting Company.

Windows VPS Server is effective in cost as compare to Linux VPS Server hosting. Due to this reason it has also most advance features and quality in Server. If user wants more security in website then Windows VPS Server hosting is the most appropriate option.

Yes we are mentioning some of features of its such as –

  • User pay for only what they use
  • High Secure in website network
  • Multiple of Data Centers
  • Huge protection from DDoS Attack
  • Instant of Installation with SSD Storage
  • Unlimited of Traffic loads also SSL included
  • Fully Managed Remote Reboot
  • Increase in Speed and Performance
  • Active advance monitoring Solution for Servers
  • Extra Choice of Plesk for flexibility and Scalability
  • Full 24*7 Support

Best Plans and Our Support –

Cheap Windows VPS Server hosting has many best advantages as we mention above. Also there are cheapest plans of Windows VPS Server at globally. You can go our website to know cheapest plans according to country. Here this is our cheapest plan for France VPS Server at just $9 per month with 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, 1000 GB Bandwidth, KVM VPS per month. Onlive Server gives the best Services at all over the country. So, pick the best plan for your website. We give the full guidance and help to users. Users can ask any question and any suggestion via Company’s website or phone no. etc. We have the best support to Users for their preference and helps related to Server hosting. Thank-You