UAE Dedicated Server

UAE Dedicated Server

With an Onlive Server UAE Dedicated Server, you can stack and balance your online apps with only one IP address, ensuring that all of your important data and applications are located in the same country. This will improve your internet search engine rankings, reduce idle time on your website, speed up your site, etc. Make it easier to attract new customers and increase sales. Thanks to our simple server setup process, you’ll have the option of having your server ready to go right away. Onlive Server provides the best UAE Dedicated Server solutions available today.

Top 3 Benefits of a Dedicated Server in the UAE

To better understand, we’ve listed the top three benefits of UAE’s dedicated server. Minimal costs, easy setup, excellent support, and enhanced security features. Here are some things to consider:

Low Cost: This should not surprise anyone familiar with our administration. Regardless, one thing sets them apart from the remaining suppliers. They have rethought partners in the UAE who can help them get a server at a low rate.

Quick Setup: After submitting a request, one of our clients had the option of having their server ready in just 15 minutes!

Great Customer Care: Their customer service team is available via live chat or email 24*7. Suppose you require assistance in setting up your dedicated server in the UAE. They will gladly assist you with any questions you may have. You can also obtain free setup administrations for your UAE Dedicated Server by contacting their outreach group. As a result, choosing UAE Dedicated Server with us is an excellent selection. Check it out today and share your thoughts about our administration with us! Apart from providing extremely serious estimating, we also value consistently providing exceptional customer service.

Why Do We Recommend the Onlive Server?

We appreciate Onlive Server because they provide excellent customer service. They have a nice website and provide all the information you need before purchasing a dedicated server in the UAE. They also provide unlimited transmission capacity, traffic, and plate space. Onlive’s management is excellent, and they respond quickly to any concerns we’ve had. We usually locate a solution within 24 hours on weekdays, although it was once in. A while requires 48+ hours at the end of the week or on special occasions (not their issue). Compared to a few other providers, who sometimes take up to 10 days to respond, this is quite remarkable! It is also remarkable in cost, as most vendors charge you at least twice as much.

SSL Certificate Highlights

Scrambled correspondence between your site and their program adds an extra degree of protection for you and your clients. SSL certificates include a public key installed on your UAE Dedicated Server and a private key that you will keep. When someone signs up for your website, they first make an authentication request to your server. In response, your server sends back its endorsement. When these automated presentations are made, all correspondence is scrambled from that point forward, ensuring that no one (but you) has access to sensitive information such as Mastercard numbers or passwords. To use SSL authentication with WordPress, you must first install an SSL module that uses OpenSSL.

Where Can I Get a Free Domain Name?

If you choose a one-year facilitating plan with us, you will get more than just web facilitating administrations. They also don’t charge for area name registration and facilitation for the first year. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from the following domain,.net,.org,.biz, Following actuation, you can start using it.

Conclusion: Onlive Server can assist you with site planning and development. We can help you with anything from a simple portfolio website to a full-fledged web-based store at a fair price. If you have any questions about our merchandise or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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