Uk VPS Server


If you are looking to expand your business in UK, there are several factors that you should consider before making any decisions. A UK VPS Server from Onlive Server will help your company excel in its chosen market segment by providing fast network speeds and high-grade security features that ensure uninterrupted service delivery at all times!

About UK VPS Server:

A UK VPS Server is a virtual private server that runs on a server in Singapore. It is similar to a dedicated server but has some of the benefits of shared hosting. A UK VPS Server is ideal for small businesses or blogs that need more power than shared web hosting, but don’t need all the resources of a dedicated server.

A UK VPS Server gives you full control over your web hosting environment. You can install software, configure services and optimize performance without any interference from the provider. This will save you money on monthly fees because you won’t need to pay for extra services that you don’t need.

You’ll also have more space and bandwidth available than with shared web hosting plans, which means your site won’t slow down as it grows in popularity.


Control: When you use a VPS, you get to manage your server. You can install and upgrade software as needed and make server-level changes on the go.

Security: A VPS server provides a greater level of security than shared hosting because it’s completely isolated from other accounts on the same machine.

Performance: Because they’re built for dedicated use, VPS plans offer better performance than shared hosting and better uptime too. The faster response times that result from using a managed virtual private server can translate into higher conversions for e-commerce sites or improved customer experience with SaaS applications like CRM or HR systems.

Uptime: If you have an uptime guarantee with your current provider but still feel that it’s not enough, then moving to a cloud platform such as Onlive Server might be the solution for you; we provide 99% guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement) uptime!

What do we provide?

Price-performance ratio: We offer the best price-performance ratio in the market.

24/7/365 customer support: Our customer support is available for you every day and night, all year long.

99.9% uptime guarantee: You can trust our 99.9% uptime guarantee because we have taken care of your server’s hardware, network, and operating system installation before provisioning it to you.

Instant setup: You can start using your VPS server immediately after ordering it as there is no waiting period. For us to set up the server infrastructure on our side. This means that as soon as we receive payment from you through PayPal. Or any other approved mode of payment (bank transfer). Our team starts working towards getting your order ready for delivery within minutes at most! No delays like with other providers out there!

Free IP Tables Firewall and DDoS protection: To further ensure your safety against intruders trying to breach into the system via brute force attacks or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, we are offering free IP Tables Firewall services with all UK VPS plans!

The Best Control Panel for UK VPS Hosting:

If you’re looking for the best control panel for Best VPS Server hosting, look no further than Onlive Server. We offer a variety of hosting solutions, including VPS servers and dedicated servers. Our servers use KVM technology and are powered by Intel processors. This means that your server will run at a faster speed than most other providers’ offerings. You can also run multiple virtual machines (VMs) on each server with ease. Gives you more flexibility and security when it comes to managing your business operations.

Our in-house technical support team is available 24/7 via chat or phone call. We’re ready to help you fix any issues you may encounter quickly so they don’t impact. Your productivity or cause downtime throughout the day or night!


A UK VPS server is an excellent choice if you’re looking to promote your Online business. Onlive Server offers a vast range of high-quality virtual private servers that come equipped with leading-edge security features. Fast network speeds, and more!

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