Canada VPS Server

If you have been looking for Canada VPS Server then we have the perfect solution for you! Onlive Server provides you with the stability, control, and power of your own server at no extra cost to you. With our Canada VPS Server options, you can tailor your hosting solution to suit your specific needs and gain access to all the security and flexibility that comes with owning your own server at unbeatable prices!

What is Canada VPS Server?

Onlive Server, and offers Web Hosting Company, offers you highly reliable virtual private servers (VPS) which can support small and medium-sized businesses that run their websites on these reliable servers. With our Virtual Private Servers (VPS), you get a dedicated server with all of its power at your disposal. You also get free lifetime technical support. A Canada VPS Server option is one of many available to clients looking for high-performance web hosting with low-cost plans.

Who can benefit from Canada VPS Server?

Canada VPS Server can be used by individuals who are interested in creating a business website. With Canada VPS Server, you don’t have to worry about a data center’s location as it will be hosted from our Canada data center. You don’t need to pay for extra space or face issues that your physical servers face. With us, all server needs will be satisfied in one place. So, order now!

How to Choose Canada VPS Servers?

If you are looking for a fast, secure, reliable, and flexible server provider, then Onlive Server is your ideal solution. We offer a wide range of options to choose from to help our customers achieve their business objectives. Choose between OpenVZ and KVM Virtual Private Servers available with full root access, featuring control panels like Plesk or Direct Admin for easy management. Onlive Hosting offers a number of industry-leading solutions such as cPanel license management which make managing multiple cPanel servers much easier.

How does it work?

In traditional data center designs, network links are fairly fixed. If a new application required more bandwidth, a whole new physical server had to be added to accommodate that need. This led to large investments in underutilized infrastructure assets; as most workloads scale up slowly over time, it is not uncommon for data centers to have less than of their servers fully utilized at any given time.

Fast Website Speed

Onlive offers customers two Canada VPS Server options, each offering its own unique performance benefits. A Linux Canada VPS Server gives users more freedom in what they can install on their server, but at a lower price. If performance is more important to you than customizability, then go with an Onlive Windows Canada VPS Server instead. It will give you faster website speed by running web servers on dedicated hardware for maximum efficiency.

Canada Data Center Hosting

Canada is just a small country but it’s good in terms of IT infrastructure. We will be building our first Data Center in Canada soon. It will help us to have all our Canadian clients get more reliable and safer services. We are confident that with Onlive Server Canada VPS Server, your online business can run smoothly & efficiently. Also, as we already mentioned that we care about your security so all server hosting packages include the Anti-DDOS layer which helps you to have another layer of security for free!

Operating System

Linux or Windows? Both are operating systems, both serve a specific purpose. Linux is an open-source operating system, meaning anyone can see how it works because there are no restrictions on its code. You will want to use Linux if you plan on hosting any blogs or web pages because it is cost-effective and very user-friendly. If you need help with your computer then we recommend going with Linux as well.

Data Backups Available

Onlive Server guarantees all its customers that they have their data backed up on a daily basis, as well as doing a weekly backup of all customer data. This is done so to avoid any issues with customers’ data in case of any type of disaster. However, if for some reason your server does crash and we do not restore your backups properly, we will give you another month free of charge for our service. These are some of the many advantages of purchasing a Canada VPS Hosting from Onlive Server.


Canada VPS Server is not only the most efficient, but it is also robust and reliable. The virtual private server hosting comes with a wide range of benefits and features that help in taking the overall performance of your business to the next level.

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